Intelligent, Organized, Professional

In my experience, there are very few people that you can truly rely upon to get things done. Darby is one of those few. She is the person that you want on your team or in your company to make sure that your operations run smoothly. Intelligent, Organized, Professional are just three of the thousands of positive adjectives that I could use, and I would be happy to give more. 

Phil Rowlinson 
VP, Global Head of Sales at Datasite 

I hope I get the pleasure of working with her again

I worked with Darby Mitchell during the integration of WGSN and Stylesight. Whenever I needed something done correctly and in a timely manner I turned 
to Darby. She had a great understanding of Stylesight offices and Finance 
in New York, Hong Kong, Australia and London. Darby help me understand all 
of the issues and was very professional during the merging process. I hope I get the pleasure of working with her again. 

Warren Gemberling 
Finance Integration Manager, WGSN 

I could always count on Darby to get the best result

Darby joined us at a pivotal time of growth.  She helped us grow the US operations and ultimately managed all of the Client Services, Sales and Internal Operations of the business.   She was great help to us identifying inefficiencies and always had out best interests in mind. From client concerns, to vendor disputes or building and nurturing staff, I could always count on Darby to get the best result/out come for us.

Adi Biran
CEO & Co-Founder at Splacer

The True Definition of a Skilled Manager

Darby is the true definition of a skilled manager and hard worker. She is organized, diligent, methodical, and doesn't overlook a single detail. She manages the big picture as effortlessly as she handles the demands of point by point execution. If she's involved, it's going to get done. And it's going to get done on budget, on time, and most importantly - it's going to get done properly.

Renee Labbe
Director of Foresight Strategy at Broadside Studios

Outstanding perspective on strategy

I was introduced to Darby at a time in my professional career when I was looking for mentorship. With Darby as my manager, that’s exactly what I got, and then some. With her guidance, I was able to successfully build and run a critical project for a global company - one of my proudest professional moments to date. She had an impeccable attention to detail with an outstanding perspective on strategy. As my #1 advocate, Darby armed me with the skills as well as the belief that I could tackle anything.


Ilana Seagull Yitzhaki 
On-boarding Specialist at Stack Overflow 

She's organized, structured, a problem solver, and a great manager. 

I had the privilege to work with Darby as our Managing Director of our NY office. Darby is the kind of person who we could rely on making things happen. Darby is a doer, a pusher - that will not let anything stand between her and making a job well done. She's organized, structured, a problem solver, and a great manager. Darby helped us build our support and sales teams, managed the office, created our operational procedures and managed our day-to-day operations. Darby understands the business, and is not afraid to handle tough, sometimes customer facing conflicts. I hope I'll get the pleasure of working with her again

Lior Ash
CTO & Co-Founder at Splacer

Trusted and dependable

Trusted and dependable are the first two adjectives that come to mind about Darby. When I had the privilege of working with her, she spearheaded a major project to move our fast-growing startup into a new HQ. A massive undertaking that involved Darby coordinating with multiple stakeholders from different background, she completed the challenge on time and with professionalism at every step. 

Cem Paya 

The kind of manager you believe exists only in your head

Darby is the kind of manager you believe exists only in your head. She has somehow perfected walking the line between approachability and respect. She allows you room to work without micromanaging, while being cognizant that her expectations exceed perfection, so you must always be on your A-game. Should a mistake happen, Darby has the quick-thinking ability to make repairs while also teaching her team how to make those repairs without skipping a beat! She certainly has imparted her sense of "get it done, and get it done right" onto me, and it has been paramount in my growth as an admin. Thanks, Darby!

Patrice Linen 
Executive Assistant to COO, WGSN 

Gets the job done

Darby is an extremely professional and responsible person. She takes pride in her work and gets the job done. 

Jack Hickey 
Trial Attorney at Hickey Law Firm, P.A.